Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

There is nothing DRY about Dry Cleaning, despite what everyone thinks. We use pure distilled fluid, fresh additives to brighten colors & dazzle whites, and conditioners so that garments will be soft to the touch. All these things extend the life of your garments. We are a certified MASTER drycleaner using only Sanitone products and processes that only the highest quality cleaners use. Each garment is checked and rechecked by our quality control staff before it is returned to the client.

Shirt Cleaning Service

Shirt Service (Laundered)

Men’s shirts are one of the most important part of your wardrobe. That’s why we use enzyme based detergents to keep your shirts bright white and your colors dazzling. The enzymes also give your shirts a soft touch with a crisp look. Do you hate RING-AROUND-THE COLLAR? We hand treat your cuffs and collars.


Alterations & Custom Tailoring

Our Tailors use there combined 60+ years of experience to make your favorite garment fit perfectly. From suits to gowns, even your bathing suit, we aim to make you look your best. Let us bring our Tailors to you. Here at Paragon we understand your busy lifestyle and we strive to make your experience as easy as possible. Schedule an appointment and we’ll be happy to bring our tailors to your door.

Shirt Cleaning Service

Wet Cleaning

With all the sophisticated manufacturing in the garments business we see more and more labels that say delicate hand wash. With our wet cleaning process we use the most advanced technology combined with soaps and conditioners to do the impossible. We take every precaution to avoid fading and shrinking. Wet cleaning also can be used in circumstances when dry cleaning doesn’t work to get the stain out.

Shirt Cleaning Service

Household Cleaning

Finished linen & sheets, down comforter care, drapes, couch covers, area rug service, pillows, blankets, sheepskin rugs. Spring, Winter, Summer or Fall, we offer the highest quality of cleaning for all your household needs.

Shirt Cleaning Service

Fluff & Fold

Not enough time to do laundry? Is the basket overflowing? Let us make your life easier and more efficient. Try our 48 Hour Fluff & Fold service (underwear, socks, pajamas, bras, all your intimates).

Leather & Fur

Leathers & Furs

We bring your dead skins back to life. Leathers and furs are an expensive investment for your wardrobe. Let Paragon help you protect your investment. Leather and furs should be serviced at minimum 1 time a year. When you put it away for the summer it should be cleaned and conditioned. Proper maintenance of your garment can significantly extend it’s life.

Handbags & Shoes

Handbag & Shoe Repair

Accessories, Accessories Accessories…

Is your favorite Handbag looking beat-up? Did that guy at the bar spill a drink or perhaps you loaded up and the strap broke? Our professional bag specialists will clean, repair, and renew your favorite wardrobe staple. Let our expert shoe gurus take care of your soles! From a regular shoeshine to stretching your fancy new heels no job is to difficult for our 50+ years of experience.