Paragon Cleaners

About Us

Paragon Cleaners, a staple of Hollywood since 1973, has maintained a reputation of excellence in garment care and customer service. As a family-run business, we cater to the needs of both large companies and individual customers. Three things separate us from our competitors: our dedication to environmental consciousness, our ability to care for hard-to-clean, designer garments, and the personal attention we offer to each of our customers.

We are an eco-friendly drycleaners using non-toxic solvent, specializing in fine, couture, and vintage garments. We also service all household items, including drapes and rugs. Our tailors are trained in a very broad range of alterations from denim to gowns, men and women’s clothing, also home items. Paragon also offers shoe repair, fluff and fold, and sheet service. We truly are a one-stop shop!

We also recycle hangers and use recycled and biodegradable plastic bags.

Green Dry Cleaners

Environmental Efforts

The environment is very important to us. The solution we use to clean your clothes is non-toxic and recyclable. Our garment covers are made from recycled, biodegradable plastic. Bring us back your hangers and we will recycle them. Ask us for a COMPLIMENTARY hanger caddy to make it easier.

Paragon Mission Statement

Our Mission

To cater to the specific garment care needs of our customers.
To provide convenient and professional, dry & wet cleaning services.
To earn our customer’s trust and to care for the eco-system that has been entrusted to us.
Research and implement the latest technologies available in our industry.
We are fanatical about the quality and timeliness of our work. If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, tell us and we’ll make it right.

Our Process

Our dry cleaning process is gentle on your fine garments. Our exclusive optical enhancement process ensures that your whites will be whiter and your colors will be brighter.

Sanitone Master Dry Cleaners

Certified Sanitone Master Drycleaner

What does our Sanitone “Master Drycleaner” certification mean?

Less than 1/2 of 1% of all cleaners in the country are qualified to use this excusive cleaning system. It assures consistent cleaning in each and every cycle by using only pure cleaning solvent. It eliminates (not covers up) all odors. This is the only cleaning system recommended by leading designers worldwide.

It is… ANTI-Bacterial & ANTI-STATIC.